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The aim of this project is to encourage 101 English teachers from around the world to start blogging (or share existing blogs) about their English classrooms. This blog will list each of the 101 blogs and will be a place for sharing and highlighting what is going on in over 100 English classrooms.

Keen to join? Email me at am@eggs.school.nz

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to our new bloggers!

I just wanted to welcome some of the teachers who have bravely thrown their hat into the ring! From NZ we have The Invisible Teacher who is reflecting on, rather suitabley, teacher reflection. From England we have Miss Norrat, who was inspired by this project (awesome!) to create her class blog Our English Classroom . From Scotland I have just added the blog Just Trying to be a Better than Yesterday who has been posting weekly reflections on his unit based on No Longer Living Next Door to Alice.

A great start for the first four days! If you are keen to join the project I would love to here from you! Simply email me you blog URL to am@eggs.school.nz and let me know if you would like to be added as an author of this blog as well.

Please pass on this message to any English colleagues out there - it would be fabulous if this could be a truly global project!


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    Welcome to 101 English Blog

  2. Thank you sharing so many english blogs. Its good to see all of them at one place. Now, I can select whatever i want to read. This is a good step.