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Friday, February 25, 2011

101 Highlights - co-construction, learning to say NO and dealing with Natural Disaster

An interesting post at oncemoreuntotheblog about handing over the course planning reigns to the students and genuinely co-constructing a programme of learning. It sounds like an exciting project:

Today, we discussed aspects of the theme that interested students and I intend to get them to create their own reading list and they have already created a class glossary and study guide for the first whole class text, The Scarlett Ibis. (Thanks to the wonderful Kailee Debirred for this text suggestion).

So, next is the leap to free choice and flexibility, where students self direct their text choice and learning focus and I facilitate and model the steps for them.

Over at teachernextdoor there is a great post advising/reminding us all of the dangers of being way to eager to 'sign up' and help out (with anything!). I don't know about you, but I have suffered throughout my career as a result of being pretty much unable to "say NO!":

A Difficult Truth: As teachers, sometimes, we just have to learn to say no. I still am not good at saying … that word, what is it again? Contrary to popular belief, the school will not collapse if I do not add Saturday yearbook meetings and the students will not retrograde into illiteracy if I do not host weekly girl scout meetings. It’s a humbling thought, but true.

As many of you will have heard, Chrsitchurch, here in New Zealand, was devastated by an earthquake on Tuesday. The death toll now stands at over 100 will many more still missing. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected and particularly to our fellow teachers from Christchurch who will, once again, play an incredibly important role as young people and their families try to achieve a sense of normality in the coming months - Kia Kaha! Make sure you check out the Motivating Ms M. post on Natural Disasters, inspired by this momentous event, the post looks at ways we can encourage empathy in our students through writing activities. Make sure you check out the post and share your thoughts and ideas!

Thanks again to all of you for being involved in this great project! I look forward to dipping and diving into all of the blogs over the coming days.

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